Want to hear more of my half-crazed thoughts and opinions? Check out episodes of some of the various podcasts I’ve been privileged enough to be apart of. Story time is fun! Many thanks to all who have humored my presence…

The Waypoint Community Modcast

Episode 16The Modcasters are joined by DayandKnightly of Reactive Bias to talk about Halo 4′s Spartan Ops mode, the Forward Unto Dawn live action series, and much more!

Episode 15 - The Waypoint Community Modcast and Podtacular join forces (ModTacular!!!) to discuss the latest Halo 4 coverage from Game Informer magazine, as well as the announcement of the game’s lead composer!

Episode 14The Modcasters have invaded Boston and joined forces with some good friends for this very special PAX East 2012 edition of the Waypoint Community Modcast.

Episode 13GrimBrother One, The Bouk, and CruelLEGACEY take a brief break from the world of Halo to talk about a rare gaming landmark: Mass Effect 3. 

Episode 12On this episode of the Waypoint Community Modcast, CruelLEGACEY, Kalamari, and GrimBrother One get together to wrap out our discussion of Greg Bear’s Halo Cryptum novel.

Episode 11The Modcasters get together and discuss the new Halo 4 First Look Video.

Episode 10The Waypoint Community Modcast hits double digits with episode 10! We continue our look at Greg Bear’s Halo Cryptum novel.

Episode 9Join us for GrimBrother One’s Birthday spectacular!!!! We celebrate the life and times of the one and only Jeffy E with a look back at his greatest accomplishments and deepest struggles. Oh, and we talk about Cryptum too….

Episode 6The release of ATLAS, ranked matchmaking, and multiplayer achievements dominate most of the discussion this week. 

Episode 5The Waypoint modcasters share their thoughts and impressions on Halo Anniversary, and debate the pros and cons of the current state of Halo Reach matchmaking.

Episode 4Part 2 of our retrospective look at Halo CE. We cover the 2nd half of the classic campaign, then dive into our thoughts on Halo CE multiplayer. We finish things off with a look at AgeOfGratitude.com.

Episode 3Part 1 of our retrospective look at Halo CE; we take a look back at the first half of the original Halo CE campaign.

Episode 2CruelLEGACEY, Rukizzel, GrimBrother One, Kalamari, UNSC Warhead, Elusive Eagle, and SirPwn4g3 discuss Custom CHallenges, Atlas, and Halo Anniversary going Gold.

Episode 1CruelLEGACEY, GrimBrother One, and SirPwn4g3 discuss the Halo Reach Title Update Beta playlist.


PAX East 2012 Special w Waypoint Modcast

Episode 289 – Then and Now: Campaign Speculation

Episode 281 – Halo 4 Game Informer News

Episode 266 - CEA Gone Gold

Episode 263Reclaimer’s Speculation

Episode 260Halo Fest 2011 Wrap Up

Halo Decade Special Part 4

Halo Decade Special Part 3

Halo Decade Special Part 2

Halo Decade Special Part 1

GrifballHub.com Hubcast

Grifball Hub/Waypoint Modcast Special: Halo 4 Multiplayer Discussion

Grifball Hub/Waypoint Modcast Special: Halo 4 Campaign Discussion 

Episode 73

The Drunken Halo Podcast

Episode 42In this episode, Justin is joined by GrimBrotherOne from HBO. What started out as a discussion on Glasslands eventually took some weird turns that included a state-of-the-gaming-union soapbox dissertation and storytime with the Burger King. It’s both less, and more, bizzare than it sounds. 

The Full Frontal Nerdity Podcast

Episode 2 - Featured as the “Geek of the Week” and brought on to discuss the new video games announced at E3 2011, and offer thoughts on the conclusion of the hosts’ dialogue about the 2009 Star Trek film.