Thanks for tuning in to the first of hopefully many musings on my life and times in the Halo Community and the gaming industry at large. Hope you enjoy your stay. Don’t forget to wait on your tippers.

Closings and Openings 

2011 was an incredible year to be a video game fan in general, but an especially amazing time to be a Halo fan. With the year kicking off with the outstanding (in my opinion) first entry into the Greg Bear-penned Forerunner Saga, Cryptum, and continuing on through the announcement of Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4 at E3, HaloFest at PAX Prime, Karen Traviss’ Glasslands, and the actual launch of Anniversary on the 10-year mark of the franchise in November…

2012 looks to be no different, with Primordium, book two in the aforementioned Forerunner Saga launching earlier this week. If you haven’t gone and gotten it yet, I recommend it. It shakes the foundations of the franchise’s already deep fiction, and really sets an intriguing table for our epic embarking into new territories with Halo 4 later this year. Read it before you are spoiled, and preferably before any Halo 4 story details come out (probably via the French). There’s plenty more I want to say about Primordium, but I’m going to hold off until more have had a chance to read it, and I’m a bit freer with what I want to say…

Wunicorns and Wainbows

In a related note, the dedication page in Primordium is aimed toward Mr. Bungie.Org himself, Claude Errera. Or as the internet world knows him, “Louis Wu”. Or as I know him, “My Master”. Or as his wife knows him, “[REDACTED]“. Wu’s contribution to the Halo Community at large cannot be understated. Especially the large part (have you seen the man?). He has fostered the growth of an incredibly passionate fanbase and helped to highlight some of the most amazing, loving, in creative corners of the community. Halo would be a lesser experience if not for his work, and the work of others he has inspired. I hope he knows how much he is appreciated.

Discussion Time

Speaking of the Halo story, there are some awesome discussions taking place around the HBO and Halo Waypoint forums lately. Keep in mind that these are absolutely spoiler territory for a variety of different pieces of the fiction, so consider yourself warned. Here are a few of my favorites, and if you feel so inclined (and can figure out how to post on HBO), join in the discussion!

anoton1972′s analysis of the Sangheili Arum (as described in Halo: Glasslands

Mid7night’s Primordium musings 

Grizzlei’s Primordium thoughts via his blog

Postmortem’s questions on visibility in space, in which brilliant minds collaborate to discuss theories and answers 

Avu Med Telcam’s thoughts on the “Timeless One” from Cryptum & Primordium 

Stephen “Scale me, baby” Loftus and his thoughts on Homecoming’s (from Halo: Legends) fictional astronomical/geographic location

Ducking Hilarious

If you are into great cartoons, and Halo, then you will ABSOLUTELY want to check out HBO’s own petetheduck and his hyperamusing spot on the web: The art is super fun, and the humor always giggle-worthy. If you only have time to do one thing today, tell your loved ones you love them. If you have time for two, then read this website right afterwards.

Best Wishes

I wanted to personally wish Bungie’s newest Community Manager (Assistant to the Community Manager?), and longtime Halo fan DeeJ, the absolute best of luck in his new role at Bungie. So far it looks like he’s been doing an outstanding job, and I’m sure it will continue as he becomes a deeper part of Bungie’s next adventure. Great job, DeeJ, here’s hoping that grass is just as green as we all dream it is! ;-)

Yes Virginia, There Are Other Games Out There 

So, as many of you know already, I’m not just a Halo fan. I have a pretty darn eclectic taste in games of all walks and platforms, actually. Just last night I went to war with GrimBrothers III and IV defending the honor of the the Emperor in Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, an extremely fun and well-polished title. We were rocking the Exterminatus (Horde) Mode and dispatching orcs like so many chicken wings past conquered. 

Also on the docket has been some good times with friend and fellow Halo Waypoint moderator Rukizzel on the newly-released NFL Blitz. Did I mention that my “day job” has an old 1999 Blitz arcade cabinet? Yeah… more on that another time.

Also recently grabbed the Season Pass for Gears of War 3 during the holiday sale on Xbox LIVE and have been Ramm-ing it hardcore with Grim Superfriend Macsimos 326. Good times indeed.

What have you guys been playing? Besides Skyrim, I mean…

That’s All… For Now…

So until next time, thanks for listening. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Or a brownie. They are delicious.


<3 Grim